Qasr Al Hosn

Qasr Al Hosn features the oldest building in Abu Dhabi, the palace that once housed the Emirate’s leading family, and the building used for the Consultative Committee where the UAE was formed.

AV in the Committee building returns the speeches and atmosphere back with a projection, audio and lighting show. Clever projections onto gauze in the gallery give visitors the choice of watching further speeches or archive images, or looking straight through into the Committee area.

A feature of the biggest space in the Inner Palace is the 7m high video wall, wrapped around a doorway and displaying evocative artworks showing the Bani Yas lifestyle moving between sea and mountains.

Wrap around projections in towers from discrete projectors effortlessly fill the spaces with beautiful art. Visitors’ eyes are caught as cunning projections of discretely moving birds, a flag and a shawl create little tricks on what initially appears to be a static graphic – the earliest photo of Qasr Al Hosn.

A single 65” touch screen table becomes an interactive for four, with separate interactives running on each side, and four separate audio handsets. Atmospheric audio fills most of the spaces in the Inner Palace. DJW created stunning AV with low need for staff intervention.


Concept Audio Visual Design
Audio Visual Design
Show Control Programming
System Installation


Qasr Al Hosn
Abu Dhabi, UAE


Haley Sharpe Design






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