Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre

With five large galleries and a 120 seat Planetarium, the Space Museum was part of one of the biggest museum projects in the world.

The Planetarium is the jewel in the crown with a 15m, five projector dome playing a custom show and live Planetarium shows; digital information screens around the gallery automatically show what show is next and what time. A fully immersive audio system completes the Planetarium to give the visitor a truly world class experience.

Many of the interactives move well beyond the usual touch screen, with Visitors piloting robots across a ‘Martian’ surface, choosing parts to build space craft, and working together to launch a space rocket. RFID systems support a lot of these physical and computer interactives, with micro-computers providing interfaces to systems by other contractors in some cases. Other interactives use cameras to increase interaction and let Visitors don space outfits.

Aside from the Planetarium, there are 15 further projectors, including three warped and blended projections, 114 interactive PCs and 83 touch screens from 10” to 84” in size. The scope of this project was one of the exciting things for DJW. They are all built into a system that is controlled by six show control PCs with full automation and diagnostic facilities for technical staff.


Audio Visual Design
Project Engineering
Show Control Programming
System Installation


Kuwait City, Kuwait


Cultural Innovations






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