London Transport Museum

The London Transport Museum is is firmly established as a must visit museum for families with children, as well as being a significant tourist attraction and rallying point for those interested in transportation, in the city with one of the most recognisable transport systems in the world.

To cover all of these audiences, many of whom are repeat visitors, and also to keep up with Transport for London’s innovations, the museum runs an ongoing programme of updates and upgrades, as well as gallery refurbishments. DJW has supported the museum through much of these since the start of 2020.

These include a new London Transport at War gallery, a Legacies: London Transport’s Carribean Workforce gallery, both with audio handsets, touch screen information points, screens and projections.

DJW replaced an aging video wall with new screens and more reliable video servers, helping the museum to take advantage of new technologies. DJW is currently helping the museum’s vision of a new video wall come to life.

An ongoing project is a video representation of the evolution of the underground lines, showing the tube from the first independent lines, to today’s highly interconnected system, with the development of the Elizabeth line being the latest to add to the video projected in Vehicle Hall.

‘Vehicle Information Points’ have been introduced across the museum, with interactive software, touchscreens and PCs, all integrated by DJW. A popular floor projection with multiple projectors shows off the designs and art by London Transport over time.


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London Transport Museum


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