Woodhorn Colliery Museum

DJW created a number of unique and complex audio visual systems for Woodhorn Colliery in order to re-create the past experiences of coal mining, protest marches, family life and even leek competitions.

Within Coal Town audio, lighting and visual effects were used to allow the visitors to experience “going down the lift shaft in the company of miners” before watching and learning with the new recruit “Jack” how the mines worked.

As you walk through the decades of the past, there a number of humorous areas of interaction, making use of sound stores installed by DJW. One example is a toilet door that when opened results in a tongue lashing from the occupant, an angry minor.

More seriously, there are a number of touchscreen interactives and listening posts for visitors to learn more about the Collieries past.

Audio is used extensively through the outbuildings to help try and re-create the atmosphere of these environments. Over 60 channels are routed through DSP units to allow full EQ of the sound system.

The Pick Sharpners shop uses a high quality projection system and computer simulations to “rebuild” the colliery and take you back to its heyday.

Woodhorn Colliery Museum
DJW enjoys creating experiences that bring to life a building’s past.
Woodhorn Colliery Museum
Lighting and audio effects transport the visitor to different times and places throughout the museum.
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