Integrated Systems Company

DJW began in 1986 as a consultancy business focused on museums and visitor parks. Today, as a much larger company, our portfolio has expanded to include customised houses, hotels, museums, visitor parks and attractions and even super yachts.

Projects undertaken involve consultation, design, media production, supply, installation, programming and maintenance, with the emphasis focused on meeting the client’s needs for each individual project. DJW provides custom-made solutions from concept to project completion.

DJW works with clients both big and small, in the UK and abroad. We establish strong relationships with our clients and our suppliers, keeping up to date with the latest equipment available, changes in regulations and codes of practice.

DJW is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified, having set procedures incorporated into our methods, ensuring internationally recognised quality and environmental management systems.

Our Approach

Our approach to any project is always to take a complete view of all technical aspects, as we believe that the technical aspects of any project should be totally integrated. We like to think that we are technically creative, in that we have a very good understanding of the production process and creative requirements of the projects we become involved in.

In reality there is now less separation than ever between disciplines and in multi-media experiences it is important to have a multi-disciplined team; we enjoy working with the full creative team: client, design team and show producers. As well as being engineers with a breadth and depth of experience, our team members have a keen feel for the creative needs of a project. We get the best possible effect and value for money from the hardware solutions we provide through our understanding of the design goals.

Where we Work

DJW understands the importance of meeting clients face to face to make sure that everyone is speaking the same language, from different business cultures to ‘site-slang’. The DJW team is sensitive and respectful to local ways of behaviour.

We work with local services and maintenance companies to ensure that, no matter where the project is, distance won’t mean a delay in service.

UK & Europe

DJW has a long association with the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu. From there the business has grown to global proportions but we still maintain a large percentage of work in Europe and the UK. It is in the UK that we undertake many smaller projects as well as those highlighted on our Projects page. We are primarily involved in larger projects in mainland Europe: theme parks, visitor attractions, and innovative business sales installations.

North America

DJW has worked across these countries, using our skills in consulting and advising on projects from the initial innovation stage. We provide clients with an opportunity to see how their plans can come to fruition and help them find the best of many local AV providers to bring their dreams to life. In some instances we also carry out full installation and train local providers to provide support.

Middle East

DJW has been working on projects in the Middle East for more than 15 years, initially with the Natural History Museum, at the Sharjah Desert Park. Since then we have maintained a continual presence there: consulting, supplying, programming and installing all the AV hardware in many further projects.

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