Millennium Dome

In the year 2000, the Millennium Dome was home to a one year exhibition for Britain to celebrate the new millennium. It was one of the most ambitious exhibitions in Britain since the Festival of Britain in 1951.

Beck Interiors contracted D J Willrich Ltd as the audio visual systems integrator for 4 of the 14 zones. Shared Ground was a zone created around an idea from a Blue Peter viewer. The zone was made from recycled cardboard and visitors were asked questions by various household appliances. Their response was recorded to be stored for the future. DJW produced the systems, supplied and installed the hardware for this zone.

In the Learning zone DJW installed hardware for 2 large projection theatres as well as a mass of interactive tables. In the Work zone, DJW used modern audio visual equipment to recreate an old world of work. Digital sound stores were used in the creation of a 1950s template factory, complete with ‘Work FM’ radio.

Living Island recreated a traditional seaside resort with an environmental message. DJW created a soundscape for visitors moving through the ‘tunnel of love’ and out into the main area where they played arcade games.

Millennium Dome
Living Island Zone.
Millennium Dome
Shared Ground Zone.
Millennium Dome
Millennium Forest.
Millennium Dome
Millennium Dome Work Zone.
Millennium Dome
Millennium Dome Work Zone.
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