Jordan Children's Museum

The Children’s Museum in Amman was a project initiated by Queen Rania, stemming from her commitment to children’s education, well-being and development.

It comprises of more than 150 hands-on exhibits, encouraging multi-sensory exploration and understanding of the arts, sciences, technology, industry, and the value of the national Jordanian identity.

The Museum is divided into several areas: including an area for astronomy displaying a solar system on a 3D globe; a communications gallery housing a TV studio; The Human Body; The Energy Lab and more. All of the exhibit areas contain digital, mechanical and integrated hands-on exhibits.

D J Willrich Ltd became involved in the Museum to provide the interactive software as well as supply lighting consultancy and focussing. DJW moved on to provide and install all the AV hardware, such as a chroma key effect for the TV studio, so children can be filmed in front of a blue screen – just like weather presenters or actors in effects-intensive films.

Jordan Children's Museum
Collect the pollen in the interactive Bumble Bee game.
Jordan Children's Museum
Integrated software and hardware wheelchair racing.
Jordan Children's Museum
DJW installed and focussed all the lighting.
Audio Systems
Video Systems
Lighting Design
Multimedia Design
System Installation
Servicing & Support
Al Hussein Park, Amman Jordan
Haley Sharpe Design
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