Heritage Motor Museum

When the Heritage Motor Centre at Gaydon was awarded Heritage Lottery Funding to create two new exhibitions, D J Willrich Ltd was pleased to use its experience in motoring projects to develop multimedia interactive games for these.

One of the exhibitions tells the story of the British motor industry and DJW helped visitors explore stories of the people involved in the motor industry in the 1970s. DJW developed a table with proximity sensors, using projections to lay the table for dinner, for a Factory Director, a Company Doctor, a Foreman or a Factory Worker. Visitors touch the table to see archive footage and hear stories and interviews.

DJW developed a ‘Top Trumps’ template game to let visitors admire popular 1970s cars by pitting car against car using factors including engine sizes, top speeds and number of cars produced. Visitors choose their car using interactive buttons and admire the cars in full glory on large format LCD screens.

The other exhibition is to show what goes on under the bonnet of a car. DJW uses 3D graphics in an interactive animation to show how an internal combustion engine works.

Heritage Motor Museum
Dinner table laid by projection.
Heritage Motor Museum
Interactive table settings.
Heritage Motor Museum
Play 1970's Top Trumps template car game.
Heritage Motor Museum
Play against the computer or another player.
Heritage Motor Museum
Compare your selection with the computer's.
Heritage Motor Museum
Touchscreen interactive shows how an internal combustion engine works.
Heritage Motor Museum
Learn about the Four Stroke Cycle.
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