BP Showcase Pavilion

BP welcomed 48,000 visitors over 26 days into their ‘Fuelling the Future’ Showcase experience at the Olympic & Paralympic Games. The Showcase highlighted how BP is rising to the global energy challenge.

DJW created a Showcase that relied entirely on the AV integration. Presented by international Olympians and Paralympians, the 15-minute experience immersed 60 visitors in a giant, 360-degree rotating cyclorama of extraordinary panoramic images and effects.

The Cyclorama image is provided by 8 edge blended projectors and a single projector is used on the central dome. Lighting was provided by 15 LED zoom lights, enhanced by under-seat and under dome effects and special effects around the perimeter of the theatre. All this was cleverly incorporated into a 14 metre diameter theatre with a turntable for a floor.

Central overhead speakers were tightly focused on the audience to give a clear powerful sound, without reflections or sound spill out onto the Olympic Park. Directional sound came from speakers about the perimeter, giving effects and letting Olympians, Paralympians and BP Staff speak from around the cyclorama.

Special effect chills the visitors to give them a taste of both Alaska and working on the North Sea. DJW integrated this, the lighting and the turntable, as well as programming the lighting and integrating a pre-show to create a fully immersive experience.

DJW worked within the constraints of a temporary building and Olympic Park security that made getting equipment and staff onto site taxing, in order to deliver a high quality show with an absolutely firm deadline!

BP Showcase Pavilion
The glass frontage of the BP Showcase pulled in people going to the basketball and BMX and then six synched attractor screens and audio let them know what was inside.
BP Showcase Pavilion
Show control programming changes the lighting to complement the image colours.
BP Showcase Pavilion
Eight projectors provided wrap-around imagery, and another one projects straight down onto the central dome.
BP Showcase Pavilion
The spinning turn table that the visitors sit on is under show control, linking it with the imagery and keeping ‘talking heads’ lined up with visitors.
BP Showcase Pavilion
Visitors were surrounded by the imagery and the audio was tightly focused onto them to give a great feeling of immersion.
Audio Systems
Video Systems
Lighting Design
Show Control
System Installation
Olympic Park, Stratford, London UK
KBW Design
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