Video Systems

D J Willrich Ltd has considerable experience in specifying, installing and maintaining a wide variety of video systems in museums and theme parks.

With a myriad of options for replay and display of video (Standard and High Definition), we guide our clients through the maze to choose the most appropriate solution for their application.

We create high impact and immersive video systems, such as the 26 square metre video cave at Titanic Belfast. There, visitors are fully immersed in the stunning high resolution video and taken on a journey through the famous ship.

One of our most technically creative video displays involved a 36m long seamless synchronised videoscape projected onto a wall curved in two dimensions, with sloping ceilings and floors and columns in front of the wall, at Bahrain National Monument. This creates a stunning impression that sets the tone for the gallery.

We created a show projecting synchronised video (created by DJW) onto 4 circular screens with a live video of the audience inserted part way through the show at Centre of the Cell.

And there are screens providing digital interpretation in museums such as the Museum of Northern Ireland; and screens displaying archive footage of political walls, all set into a wall at Tullie House Museum.

DJW also develops presentation solutions for meeting and presentation requirements, with the Smith Centre at the Science Museum sporting one such meeting room.

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