System Installation

D J Willrich Ltd has many years of experience installing audio visual systems.

DJW’s extensive experience in audio visual systems and multimedia means that we are excellently positioned to help clients understand how to realise their vision.

Whether the project is a large scale theme park, such as at Nürburgring, or a single computer or speaker exhibit: DJW has done it. DJW attends to every detail of a project from consultancy all the way through to installing, programming and testing; or simply installing a system from an equipment list.

DJW has experience with a wide range of technology from audio, projection, displays, source equipment, lighting and show control equipment and uses that experience to install systems that exploit the best of the technology for the client’s purpose.

But our engineers do more than install and program equipment; we are sensitive to the project, general aesthetics and creative requirements of the system. At appropriate times we will ask questions and offer suggestions that we feel may add an improvement to the performance of a given show or space.

We are used to working with a significant number of other contractors and ensuring that both overlaps and gaps in works are dealt with positively.

DJW has experience in creating solutions to fit buildings from new-builds through to delicate ancient buildings and of course we always take good care of existing works.

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