Sharjah Maritime Museum

Sharjah Maritime Museum is one of a host of museums in Sharjah that D J Willrich Ltd has provided AV and lighting services for.

The museum tells of the central role of the sea in the region’s history where it has been important for transport as well as supporting Sharjah’s traditional industries of fishing and pearl diving. Objects include traditional dhows (boats) and related equipment.

When visitors arrive into the first space, they trigger a projected introductory film which gives them an overview of the museum in both Arabic and English. The exhibition spaces have 12 interactive touch screens as well as an interactive projected onto a table with push buttons where visitors can learn about trade routes. Atmospheric audio is played throughout the spaces and there are a number of projected films playing.

D J Willrich Ltd provided AV design and installation for the museum as well as designing and focussing the lighting throughout the museum.

DJW developed an exhibit which shows the night sky with twinkling stars on a 2.5m2 ‘sky’ which surrounds visitors. Visitors can use push buttons to highlight different constellations.

Sharjah Maritime Museum
Projections add to the atmosphere.
Sharjah Maritime Museum
DJW designed and focussed the lighting throughout the museum.
Sharjah Maritime Museum
Stories tell of Sharjah’s traditional industries of fishing and pearl diving.
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