Sharjah Archaeology Museum

All archaeological material recovered in the Emirate of Sharjah is archived at the Sharjah Archaeology Museum where it is conserved and exhibited.

Sharjah’s history from Stone Age through to the present day is brought to life with artefacts and models. Children can also learn how some of these artefacts were found by making their own archaeological dig at the museum.

When the Sharjah Archaeology Museum was created in 1997, D J Willrich Ltd (DJW) installed exhibition computers, touch screens, projectors and the current state of the art, laser discs for interpretation as well as orientation of the visitors and to immerse the visitors.

By 2008 the exhibition was being updated and the museum wanted the latest equipment that would perform to the new standards of the day so they called on DJW again. DJW replaced the laser discs with low maintenance fast response video stores and replaced the touch screens, computers and projectors.

Sharjah Archaeology Museum
The Sharjah Archaeology Museum is a jewel for the Emirate, receiving all archaeological finds in the region.
Sharjah Archaeology Museum
Lighting and video are fully integrated in the museum to capture the spirit of the archaeological finds and help their interpretation.
Sharjah Archaeology Museum
Video and lighting works with art and objects to show how objects may have been made and used.
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