Red Arrows G-FORCE

G-Force - Fly with the Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team.

Visitors experience the thrill of flying with the Red Arrows in London’s Science Museum purpose built 4D theatre. Swooping just a few metres from other planes, streaming out coloured smoke, diving towards the Earth and flying straight up into the sky, visitors experience the high speed high adrenaline of flying with the Red Arrows.

This motion base theatre seats 21 visitors on 3 motion base units so that the 8.4 by 4.7 metre screen fills the visitors’ field of view. The 3D footage works with the motion base to bring the flight alive with the rolling and diving.

Speakers behind the perforated screen as well as behind the visitors bring the engines’ roar to life. Those, along with clever lighting effects, smoke machines and the distinctive aromas of aerobatic planes give visitors a truly immersive 4D experience.

The creative and engineering concept for the project and prime contractor to the Science Museum is Metropolis Entertainment. D J Willrich Ltd worked as a lead sub-contractor to Metropolis, providing the integrated audio-visual system along with lighting, smoke and aroma effects which play a major role in immersing the audience into the overall experience.

Red Arrows G-FORCE
Motion bases and lighting effects.
Red Arrows G-FORCE
Speakers are hidden behind the perforated screen and motion base units.
Red Arrows G-FORCE
G-Force lets visitors experience the thrill of flight.
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3rd Floor, Science Museum, Exhibition Road, London UK
Metropolis Entertainment
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