ring°werk is an indoor attraction built for the Nürburgring race track in Germany. Professional drivers and members of the public can race on the tracks and the idea behind the theme park was to provide something more for the greater public.

The park is made up of ten core attractions: interactive driving experiences using simulation where you can qualify to drive in a truck race; a 4D cinema where you experience the legendary 24 hour race on the Nördschleife circuit; a shoot ‘em up dark ride; a fully immersive revolving theatre showing the legend of the Grϋne Hölle (Green Hell); a trip on Nϋrbus, a mad bus tour of the track in a fully immersive simulation; a rollercoaster, and much more. It is full of thrills, and surprises around every corner.

D J Willrich Ltd was contracted to complete the detailed design of the Audio Visual systems and the complete Show Control. DJW then proceeded to undertake the hardware installation of the AV as well as installing and programming the Show Control systems. DJW created separate controls for individual attractions as well as one master portable control. This gives ring°werk staff easy control over individual attractions or the entire theme park, from anywhere on the site.

Take a trip on Nϋrbus, a mad bus tour of the track in a fully immersive simulator.
Race to show your knowledge of Nürburgring.
Race your truck against your friends and family.
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Nϋrburgring Race Track, Eifel Mountains Germany
Philip Hartley Associates
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