Museum of London Docklands

Museum of London Docklands shows the vibrant history of the docklands in a refurbished sugar warehouse in the heart of the old London docks and the shiny new towers of Canary Wharf.

DJWillrich designed and installed the audio visual systems for the museum when it opened in 2003. It took three years from the concept design to the installation and DJW was involved through all the changes to make certain that the system that was finally installed was the best available.

DJW also designed and installed the audio visual systems for the new permanent gallery, ‘London, Sugar & Slavery’, when it opened in 2007.

DJW installed hardware for the many interactives as well as audio and lighting systems throughout the museum. In the new Slavery gallery, DJW installed an immersive gallery where the lights go down every twenty minutes for an impressive projected show telling the story of enslaved people.

Museum of London Docklands
DJW’s lighting throughout the museum highlights exhibits and brings the museum to life.
Museum of London Docklands
Visitors use touchscreen interactive hardware to explore the history of the London Docklands.
Museum of London Docklands
Audio integrated by DJW helps set the scene for the galleries.
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Museum of London Docklands,
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