D J Willrich Ltd creates unforgettable show experiences using the latest multimedia techniques.

DJW programs systems that integrate audio visual elements with lighting, special effects and more to create amazing multimedia experiences.

DJW excels at creating entire multimedia experiences and working with other teams to bring together complex productions. DJW has the hardware and software knowledge to create something special.

At both Nürburgring and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games we worked with other teams to create shows on spinning turntables. The Nürburgring show contained a myriad of special effects including smoke, heat, rain and moving set works and video was displayed on multiple (moving) screens and projectors. At London 2012, the show was projected onto a cyclorama surrounding the audience. We integrated the shows, putting all of the elements together and turned them into powerful experiences. Operating staff had simple control, with powerful monitoring and testing controls for back of house staff.

For Centre of the Cell we created a 5 scene show, integrating video, audio, lighting, moving touch tables, touch screens and live video, again with powerful control so that scenes can be changed to meet different audience needs.

We enjoy working with clients to create powerful experiences that deliver their ideas.

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