Manx National Heritage

Manx National Heritage is responsible for heritage museums and sites across the Isle of Man.

D J Willrich Ltd installed and maintains a range of audio visual equipment in a number of the sites.

In The Manx Museum, in Douglas, DJW integrated interactive table top projections into the skeleton of a whale; developed a touch screen that describes the contents of drawers of objects as the visitor opens them; and incorporates audio visual elements throughout the museum to help tell the story of the Isle of Man.

In The House of Manannan, visitors get to explore the island’s connection with the sea through an immersive experience created by audio visual tools employed by DJW. The Manx sea god, Manannan appears in a waterfall to tell the visitor tales; visitors explore a kipper factory, learn of the Vikings, the hundreds of stone crosses found across the island and more.

In The Old House of Keys visitors sit in the restored debating chamber and take part in the same debates that the Manx parliament has through the years. They are joined by Mr Speaker, a model who comes alive through the clever use of projections and by some of the portraits of past Members of the House who still have more to say!

Manx National Heritage
A special place.
Manx National Heritage
Audio visual systems bring it to life.
Manx National Heritage
Audio visual systems create a special atmosphere.
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Old House of Keys,
Castle Town, Isle of Man

House of Mannanan,
Peel, Isle of Man

Viking, Natural History
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Douglas, Isle of Man
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