Manor Farm

Manor Farm, Ruislip, is now home to a visitor centre inside the old Farm House and Great Barn. These buildings have been on this side for hundreds of years, but the site has a history of human settlement dating back 10 centuries.

Manor Farm asked D J Willrich Ltd to create interpretation to help visitors understand the history of the site. DJW photographed the site and used maps and historical plans to create an accurate CGI presentation that shows the development of the site since the first human settlement there.

This 3 minute presentation shows structures and features that have survived, such as the Great Barn and Manor Farm, and those that have not, such as Priory buildings. The presentation gives details, explaining the significance and nature of the features, both past and present.

DJW also created touch screen interactives and produced and directed a film using chroma key techniques to show how some of the past inhabitants related to the site. A quiz interactive was created, designed so that Manor Farm can update the content themselves, keeping the attraction dynamic.

Manor Farm
3 minute narrated story of the development of the Manor farm site.
Manor Farm
All landscape and buildings were modelled in 3D from historical maps and data.
Manor Farm
Explore the Manor Farm site with an interactive quiz.
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