Lighting Design

D J Willrich Ltd is frequently called on to provide a fully integrated Audio Visual solution, which absolutely includes lighting.

DJW is happy to undertake the lighting design and implementation for projects, designing solutions and specifying fixtures that will create the required mood within a space. This can range from basic exhibit lighting up to a full theatrical experience.

Our team is happy to work with the creative team for a project to determine the best effect and solutions within the available budget!

As with audio, lighting is very important in terms of creating a mood and general feel or atmosphere within a space. With the range of lighting technology that now exists, it is frequently possible to use more dynamic lighting to add change and depth to a display or experience.

DJW has considerable experience in making the appropriate choice of fixtures including the control of the lighting and creation of specialist solutions.

DJW pays close attention to the market to keep abreast of new technologies in lighting and understand their advantages and limitations so as to be able to install them where they can best be employed.

DJW can model the lighting of complex spaces to properly calculate the light levels that a given design will deliver.

With increased focus on energy use, DJW is expert at lighting buildings with energy efficient sources without sacrificing atmosphere and purpose.

At both the National Football Museum and World of Top Gear, we designed the lighting and then took that design all the way through to focussing. We did the same for Bond in Motion, where we included a special lighting effect to hide and reveal Bond’s Aston Martin V12 Vanquish.

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