Jamestown Visitor Centre

Historic Jamestown stands on the site of the first permanent English settlement in the Americas. Visitors to this archaeological site learn about these early settlers in the visitor centre and Archaearium.

Haley Sharpe Design and D J Willrich Ltd designed and commissioned an immersive theatre, in the main visitor centre that tells the story of Jamestown from the first settlers landing to the present day.

The immersive theatre features panoramic projection onto a curved screen and a custom designed audio system to give optimal sound in a circular theatre.

Virtual Viewers are the result of a collaboration between DJW and Haley Sharpe Design to allow visitors to explore see computer-generated historical buildings and live actors accurately superimposed onto the real-time landscape.

DJW were responsible for all lighting design in both the Visitor Centre and Archaearium, highlighting objects from archaeological digs, maps and reconstructions. These objects include the originals of objects used in the Virtual Viewer films – linking the full story of the site together.

Jamestown Visitor Centre
Lighting shows visitors where to move.
Jamestown Visitor Centre
Curved panoramic screens to immerse visitors.
Jamestown Visitor Centre
DJW installed and focussed all the lighting.
Video Systems
Lighting Design
Multimedia Design
Servicing & Support
Jamestown Visitor Centre, Williamsburg, Virginia USA
Haley Sharpe Design
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