Heartlands is a World Heritage Site Gateway, dubbed as Cornwall’s first free cultural playground. At the heart of it are the World Heritage Site Exhibitions, where AV is used to help explore the region’s role as a mining landscape.

The centrepiece of the exhibitions is the immersive 8 projector film, with images blended onto 3 sides of the internal walls of old mining buildings. Projecting onto original walls gave a great effect; it also called for warping the image around a curved and tapered chimney that was part of the walls.

The projection area had 16 channels of audio, played off an audio player, separate to, but synchronised with the video servers. DJW set up the system so that the audio producer could do the final mixing on site to suit the acoustics of the unique space.

Introducing the Site to visitors was a projection onto a table made into the shape of a map of Cornwall. This was a relief map, and visitors interact with it using two touch screens, which trigger video showing the locations and details of points of interest around the World Heritage Site.

There are further audio soundscapes and touch screen interactives throughout the Exhibitions, helping the visitors to understand the Site, as well as an object wall linked back to a touch screen, to help visitor locate and identify objects.

Audio Systems
Video Systems
System Installation
Heartlands, Redruth, Cornwall UK
Stephen Feber Ltd
Outside Studios
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