Eden Project

Cornwall’s world famous ‘glasshouses’ house ecological communities, or biomes, and are built to display the theme of people’s dependence on plants and the natural world.

The Rainforest Biome is the world’s largest conservatory with rainforest plantings from major rainforest regions. In the Mediterranean Biome, different Mediterranean-type climates from across the world are represented. Outside the biomes, in a transformation from the previous china clay quarry, there are many more gardens planted as well as areas for seasonal events.

Visitors walking through the biomes are immersed in a variable sound experience with a multilayered sound system randomly playing rainforest sounds through carefully concealed waterproof speakers, all installed by D J Willrich Ltd. DJW also installed a sound system for the temporary ice rink in the seasonal area.

Eden Project
Concerts in summer and an ice rink in winter.
Eden Project
The world famous 'Biomes' hold plants from different regions.
Eden Project
Hidden speakers play the different sounds of the regions.
Audio Systems
System Installation
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Bodelva, Cornwall UK
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