David Willrich

David has more than thirty years in the industry in an extraordinary range of projects. He has acted as Chief Consultant on numerous occasions and continues to be one of the best known faces of the AV industry globally.

David previously served as President of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA), and the President for the Europe and Middle East Division.

David says:

“As DJW enters its 31st year, we have seen many changes within the industry. When we started "AV" was a term that meant a slide/tape show and "multimedia" meant the use of more than one media type, typically film and slide.

It is amazing, mind blowing and exciting all at the same time seeing how technology has changed and moved forward to provide an ever increasing freedom to produce creative high quality shows to provide dynamic and informative visitor experiences in Museums and Theme Parks.

Not only has the hardware got better, it has got cheaper, along with production costs meaning that there are less limits on producing an exhilarating experience or show.”

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