Buckfast Abbey

What appears from the outside to be an unassuming visitor centre for a monastery, in reality packs a real punch. Multiple projections onto curved walls, as well as multiple screens and interactives, this visitor centre is packed with top quality, beautiful AV.

The projections are onto curved white corian, a challenge requiring careful liaison with the media providers and careful planning installation and commissioning to create the effects that range from dreamy to powerful. This dramatic range is used to tell the history of the Benedictine Order of monks through to their current day to day lives in the monastery.

Synced video on multiple monitors gives voice to the stories and shows the monks’ routines. Use of video stores and clever programming of them helped keep costs and space down to create a multiscreen interactive.

The centrepiece show uses three projectors blended and warped onto corian with multiple curves, giving a full height image with impressive surrounding sound flying overhead to tell the epic tale of the Order.

Every exhibit is unique, with interactives multiple and single PCs, a large touch screen, projectors, monitors, as well as bespoke interactive software developer interfaces.

Buckfast Abbey
An interactive to bring the Abbey and its monks to life.
Buckfast Abbey
The stunning central projection show.
Buckfast Abbey
Day to day monastery life shown by synced monitors interspersed with lightbox stills.
Audio Systems
Video Systems
Show Control
System Installation
Buckfast Abbey, Buckfastleigh,
Devon, UK
MET Studio
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