Bristol M Shed

M Shed is a museum dedicated to telling the history of Bristol through the objects and stories of the people who made the city what it is today.

Throughout the three galleries these stories are frequently told through the use of AV. In some cases audio visual elements are integrated into the museum objects themselves, with visitors eaves-dropping on bus passengers’ conversations on an old Bristolian bus; and visitors hearing stories on connecting lines in a telephone exchange.

The audio visual network is connected to the museum’s EMu collections management system, allowing the network of visitor ICT points to automatically upload visitors’ stories to the collections management system and download fresh content to the galleries, every day if they wish.

Visitors use other interactives to explore how people have shaped Bristol from a river crossing to the city it is today.

There are three shows within the galleries that are usually triggered by visitors approaching them but have the facility for staff to over-ride this to provide bespoke experiences for particular groups of visitors. This can give school groups their own Anderson shelter experience or let visitors experience a crowded Bristol celebrating any day.

Everything is managed and monitored by client staff at the Reception desk, using a control panel to turn on or off or trigger single exhibits or whole galleries.

Bristol M Shed
Visitors use the screens and buttons to choose and play peoples’ stories about neighbourhoods and transport in and around Bristol.
Bristol M Shed
Touch screens in the entrance let visitors find the location of galleries and the outdoor parts of M Shed.
Bristol M Shed
Connect a phone line in this telephone exchange and you can overhear conversations in Bristolian accents.
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Bristol M Shed
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