A Country House in Hampshire

This recently refurbished 11 bedroom country house has a media room for watching films, remote control for all the lighting, media and blinds. The dining room can also be transformed into a disco!

In the media room the residents have push button control over a 3m wide projector screen, speaker array, lighting, blinds, and of course integrated control for the DVD and VCR players and television.

In the dining room disco, D J Willrich Ltd installed everything you’d want integrated to the music and amplifiers in a disco: colour wash and moving head lights, speaker columns, a lighting array and UV lights to illuminate a UV-reactive ceiling mural along with a control system.

All the principal rooms have push button control panels for the lighting, media and blinds. Only the small control panels are visible in the rooms as all the television satellite boxes etc are housed in racks in the basement control room keeping the rooms free from any box and cable clutter.

DJW integrated audio visual systems throughout this house and returns frequently as the owner’s ambitions for the house increase

A Country House in Hampshire
The ceiling mural is revealed by UV lights.
A Country House in Hampshire
Control of the house - even from the bath tub.
A Country House in Hampshrme
All the control system and 'set top boxes' are hidden in the basement.
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